Would anyone have advice for a brother who regularly commits sins due to his nafs? this brother will sin, repent and then do the same again, this cycle has been going on for years. The brother is surrounded by fitna like everyone else but feels like a hypocrite because while tries to be sincere in his repentance he does it again, examples can include sheesha, movies, looking at women, his general manners, temper. This brother is feeling very low and whenever he reads stuff about hypocrites he feels it is directly pointing at him.

The brother has tried taking steps to counter all this but it has not yet worked for him, he has tried to make righteous friends but has not really been able to find many and his closest friends are far from righteous. He has tried doing more reading but he always falls back. Now to get a thing straight, the brother has never missed a salat and these sins are not classed as major sins but at the end of the day a sin is a sin and may one day lead to a major sin, jazakhallah khair.