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#107 - 02/10/12 05:54 AM I'm In Love With My Best Friend but he's married..

About two years ago I met this guy through a family member and we got really close. Eventually he became my best friend, and I didn't even realize it. I was going to him for advise, talk to him when I'm depressed, talk about school, life, love, family etc. And he came to me as well. We never had any kind of relationship because I knew he was married and he was just living day to day. The thing is, he had gotten married a few months before we had met, to a girl back home as an arranged marriage sort of thing. He was fine with his life till he met me. He suggested a few times that we should get married but I shut him down because I wasn't going to be a second wife. So, we stopped talking about it. He's 21 and I'm 19. The thing is, I understand we are both young and this friendship should have never started to begin with, but it did. I pray to Allah to forgive me but at the moment, I just need advise. I've fallen in love with him.

The thing that could make me cry is that recently I dreamt of me having a baby girl, and he was my husband. I have never dreamt of someone outside my family before.

I don't know what to do. If his wife said she didn't care, I wouldn't either. And that is remarkable for me, because I've always been the "Cinderella, fairy tale love girl", but I really, really want to marry him. and be with him. Any advise, please?


#172 - 06/19/12 04:35 AM Re: I'm In Love With My Best Friend but he's married.. [Re: ]

AssalamuAlaikum Sister,

Similar things happen in life to all people, by which Allah(swt) tests us. Different people are tested in different manners and this is your test. This is where Allah sees if you are of those deserving Jannah by obeying Him or those who have earned His Anger by continually falling into sin!
If you are serious about this brother try and get married to him, as a second wife is permissible in Islam, even if the first wife is against it.
May Allah accept your forgiveness and make things easy for you. If you don't want to be his second wife I advise to stop talking to this brother immediately and perhaps move to another place for a few weeks or months, keep your mind busy with a new hobby and memorising the Quran and extra ibadaat.

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