Salam Alakium,

Many of us Muslims wish to learn arabic alphabet and start to be able to learn Arabic texts to be able to understand the Quraan and sunnah and hadiths of rasool Allah may Allah send his countless peace and blessing on him until the day of judgment. I was like many of you and I thought its not possible to learn arabic alphabet or be able to learn how to read arabic texts. I thought it was not possible because it seemed far to hard. And it is true Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to learn. And it is the 5th most popular language on earth English is number three on the list. Th reason is because many Muslims aspire to learn arabic so they can be able to learn how to read and understand the Quraan the very word of the Allah. Also as I said most Muslims want to learn how to read hadiths. Most Muslims are not Arabs but rather are from Asian lands, that is why Arabic is the 5th largest and most spoke language on earth. For a student to learn a very hard language like Arabic. They need a clear and simple learning method. A way that will teach them how to learn without forcing them to stuff so much info in your head. And my course is a course that dos that. My course is test before me taught by a graduate at Islamic University in Madinah and was taught in Saudi Arabia and UAE for many years before I made my own version of it. The learn arabic alphabet class teaches students how to read and write without the need to memorize all 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. You will learn them naturally throughout the course. And you can try 3 free video lessons before you sign-up or pay anything to be sure you like the course. And I offer a 30-day money back offer and to too that all off I have a A+ rating with the BBB no other Arabic language course has such a wonderful rating. I have more than 350 students already signed-up to the course and a few of my students have me a 5 star rating and left me very positive comments. If you want to start to learn how to read arabic alphabet then you should try my course at this link:

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